Tile Restoration, Grout Cleaning and More in Perth

Grout Cleaning Perth, Tile Restoration and Tile Replacement in Perth

Turbo Force Floor Care Service provides the best grout cleaning services for your tiles and grout troubles. Our advanced products, ideal for tile cleaning, tile restoration, grout cleaning and grout repairs, can really improve the look of your tiles. We're proud to use the latest technology for your grout cleaning, restoration and sealing needs.

Grout Replacement

Turbo Force will remove cracked grout and replace it in shower walls, floors, splash backs and the entire house if needed. In the event of staining and discolouring only, of the grout in kitchen, laundries and bathroom you can opt to colour seal the grout instead of the more expensive option of regrouting.

Silicone Replacement

If the existing silicone has become discoloured and effected by mould it can be removed and replaced. Silicone sealant are now designed to resist the growth of mould and mildew where conditions of high humidity and temperature exist.

Tile Replacement

Turbo Force will remove and replace the broken tiles you've looked at for years.